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I am here to help you get the most attention out of your listing.  That’s it!!  Sounds simple too, well, sometimes!  From getting that money shot of the sun hiding just behind the roof line or peaking through a fountain in a pound, we capture that WOW photo that you are looking for to out shine others in the area. Maybe it is a ground shot, or maybe one from a drone, either way, we have multiple cameras (still and video) including one that creates a 3D virtual space, several drones, and lots of lenses, tripods, lighting, audio gear, and so much more!  What that means is that we have the equipment and skill to take your property, and you, to the next level to set you apart from other realtors and all at a reasonable price!  We work with several builders and top producing agencies and agents and know how to make a difference!

Matterport vs DSLR

Below are examples of Matterport photos pulled out of a 3D scan with a side-by-side comparison with a DSLR 16mm lens.  The Matterport takes very crisp, and almost perfectly exposed photos almost every time but can feel a little flat and stretches the sides pretty far.  A quality DSLR camera with a quality lens might now give you quite as wide of an angle, but definitely offers a richer depth of colors.  This does not mean that you cannot get a wider shot with a DSLR because wider lenses are readily available, but how wide is too wide?  Another downfall with the Matterport is scans that are too close to objects like stair rails. Please see the last photo as an example. The Matterport camera uses 3 sets of cameras to take each scan and sometimes it has trouble stitching them together if there is not enough overlap of the image above or below.  The matterport camera is quickly becoming a must have for realtors to stay ahead of their competition but that does not mean the DSLR should be left behind.  

Potential buyers having the ability to walk through and see the layout of a property prior to physically going to see it is always a good idea.  Not only are you saving them time, but more importantly you are not wasting your sellers time. Matterport helps reduce the amount of lookie-loo’s by giving them a chance to see the floor plan before going out and lets be honest, every every description listed for almost every listing does its best to promote the listing and not detour it.  Matterport is a huge asset to any realtor by showing the property in its unaltered state so that the right lookers are the ones that view and the wrong lookers don’t.  Please do not hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email to see what options best suit your property or project, or just go with both and have the best of both worlds.

Matterport Stitching Error

In Closing (pun intended!)

Both the Matterport camera and DSLR cameras are great assets to utilize and have their place within a property listing. However, both are even better when used together.  Not only are you offering something to your current client that other agents aren’t, but you get to use it as a selling tool when a potential seller is considering more than one agent. How are you different from your competition?  What do you offer that they don’t?  How far are you willing to go to get, and keep, their business?  Contact us below for more information and to schedule your next listing now!


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