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Clint Harris


I am here to help you get the most attention out of your listing.  That’s it!!  Sounds simple too, well, sometimes!  From getting that money shot of the sun hiding just behind the roof line or peaking through a fountain in a pound, we capture that WOW photo that you are looking for to out shine others in the area. Maybe it is a ground shot, or maybe one from a drone, either way, we have multiple cameras (still and video) including one that creates a 3D virtual space, several drones, and lots of lenses, tripods, lighting, audio gear, and so much more!  What that means is that we have the equipment and skill to take your property, and you, to the next level to set you apart from other realtors and all at a reasonable price!  We work with several builders and top producing agencies and agents and know how to make a difference!

FlyBy Digital Media vs. Others

Below are two examples of the differences between a professional photographer, using professional equipment and software to take and edit photos. Both of the “us” photos are High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos that are composed of 5 separate photos at different exposures and combining them so that you get all the clarity in the dark areas without over exposure and all of the details in the light areas without underexposing, giving you balanced photos with crisp edges and brighter, more natural colors.

Community Highlight Video​

Property Walk-Through Video

Services Offered

  • Interior HDR Photos
  • Exterior HDR Photos
  • Aerial HDR Photos
  • Exterior Twilight photos
  • Artifact Removal
  • 3D Matterport Virtual Tours
  • 99% Accurate 2D Floor Plans
  • Virtual Walk-through
  • Advanced Editing
  • 360x360 Sphere Photos
  • Video Using the Matterport Camera
  • Video with Realtor and Music Overlay
  • Lifestyle Videos






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